We specialize in web Design and Web Applications focusing on user friendly interfaces that look modern and engaging, but overall we care about what our customers want and need. View some of our clients below or download our complete PDF portfolio here: Download PDF Portfolio.

El Vaquero Restaurants

El Vaquero is the biggest Mexican chain restaurant in Columbus - Ohio with over 14 locations. We designed an interactive fun page for them and manage some of their retail marketing too.


Chocolate Cafe

Located in Columbus - Ohio. Chocolate Cafe has a very unique business and clientelle. We focused on a classy modern style in their design.


Viva Tequila Restaurant

Viva Tequila restaurant owner liked "El Vaquero's" website so much he wanted a similar style. Still we gave them a unique look and palette and focused on its name to brand it.


Christopher McConell Stylist

Chistopher is a reknowned stylist in Columbus. He wanted a clean way to display his Portfolio.


PhotoWeb USA / Hilton Hotels

Photo Web USA partenered with JPT to design a unique player for their 360 degree photography for various hotels.


Cakes By Denise

Denise creates the most unique cakes in town. So, she got a unique page to diplay her Portfolio.


Santo's Landscaping

Landscaping in Columbus. A good opportunity to work with a different layout..


Just Alpaca Bear

E-commerce website selling Peruvian Alpaca Bears.

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